Most homes now have an array of different electrical devices, TV’s, laptops, smart phones and audio equipment. Most of these get left plugged in at the wall on standby, unplugging all of these can save you between £50-£80 a year.

You have various appliances in the kitchen, try to use only what you need, and finally, consider replacing all of your lighting to energy efficient as these savings can reduce your bills by a further £40-£60 a year.

N.H.Electrical try to make the advice on our website as useful and reliable as possible. However the purpose of this advice is provided as useful tips only and should not be taken as professional advice and should not be relied upon as such.

If you are in any doubts as to following any advice we recommend you speak to a qualified N.H.Electrical electrician who will under take the work for you. You can contact us locally 01252 917 636.